Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reflection # 4


b. How can we treat students according to what they present us, rather that what we assume? Give an example of how you have done so this semester. Post your reponse and respond to at least two other posts.
A. I think that as a teacher in a secondary classroom you automatically assume that a student as the confidence to correct a teacher if they are getting there name wrong. I also think that a teacher will try to get a new student on the same track as the rest of the class. For example I had moved from a catholic school to a public school and we had just started learning multiplications tables where the class I was transferred to was the best of the school. My teacher assumed that I would be amazing at my multiplication table and just kind of put me in the the bunch. This of course was in elementary but at that time I just tried to wing it and honestly failed miserably at it. In a secondary class I've been in I've seen teachers do similar things to students by think they are the best readers or spellers and most are not. As a secoundary teacher you assume that the teacher before you has done wonder when thats not the case all the time. Thats why I think it is important to know your students and try and understand there learning abilities. 

B. I think a way of look at a student by what they present us is to try and look at the work that is given to you. If you see a student struggling help them learnw hat their disadvantages are work with them. The kind of things I have done this semester are stay after school when needed and have the students come in. I have also had them come in during lunch or talk to other teachers about different ways I can teach the students that I can see are having problems. There is a few students that many teachers have issues with such as them not wanting to learn or do work. These students I try to get to know  alittle better so they understand I want them to understand and gain knowledge. Most of them have been doing well. I am still trying and I will contiue to do that untill I leave here.


  1. reflection # 4 comment: I also try to get to know the students that don't want to learn, some have reacted positively to this by getting more of their work done, but some just have not reacted at all. I'm not sure what I should do to help them, but we must try to find a way.

  2. I have also had some students who seem that they don't want to learn. I have also tried to get to know one such student over the semester and I have noticed improvements.

  3. I have had students in student teaching who have not corrected me when I mispronounced their name. I really encouraged all my students to correct me after this. Teachers should not assume anything about their students.