Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reflection # 3

As a student teacher I feel that it can be hard inclusion and addressing all my students needs because if I do not know all the information at hand. Fortunately, I have tried to talk to all of the people I feel are important to furthering my student’s education. I have many students that have 504’s and IEP’s so as a student teacher I have to figure out a way to connect with them and I have. I have one student who has a processing issue she might know the information but not know how to explain it formally on paper so when she writes I have to look for key words that let me know she really knows the material.  Something else that I do for all of my students is give them the PowerPoint notes with words missing so that when I give them the notes in class they have to fill them in. this targets all the students that like their notes to be read out loud, write, and visualize their notes. This also helps a lot of the students that do struggle with writing by not having them write so much plus a lot of the students like it. In the article I have found it gives fixes to the no child left behind act. This can only be describe as way to further connecting to the students and trying to help them succeed.  For the rest of this semester I will try harder to keep on helping my students to succeed in their classes.
Nichols, J., Dowdy, A., & Nichols, C. (2010). Co-Teaching: An Educational Promise for Children with Disabilities or a Quick Fix to Meet the Mandates of No Child Left Behind?. Education, 130(4), 647-651.


  1. I too have a lot of students with IEP's, it's a struggle to make sure I am giving them the time they need to get the information without slowing down the kids that don't have special needs.

  2. I agree that inclusion can be very difficult to address, especially with a broad range of students all with different needs. However, knowing the 504's and IEP's helps. I also think the idea with the PowerPoint's is good because students can take notes and pay attention without it being to difficult.