Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reflection # 4


b. How can we treat students according to what they present us, rather that what we assume? Give an example of how you have done so this semester. Post your reponse and respond to at least two other posts.
A. I think that as a teacher in a secondary classroom you automatically assume that a student as the confidence to correct a teacher if they are getting there name wrong. I also think that a teacher will try to get a new student on the same track as the rest of the class. For example I had moved from a catholic school to a public school and we had just started learning multiplications tables where the class I was transferred to was the best of the school. My teacher assumed that I would be amazing at my multiplication table and just kind of put me in the the bunch. This of course was in elementary but at that time I just tried to wing it and honestly failed miserably at it. In a secondary class I've been in I've seen teachers do similar things to students by think they are the best readers or spellers and most are not. As a secoundary teacher you assume that the teacher before you has done wonder when thats not the case all the time. Thats why I think it is important to know your students and try and understand there learning abilities. 

B. I think a way of look at a student by what they present us is to try and look at the work that is given to you. If you see a student struggling help them learnw hat their disadvantages are work with them. The kind of things I have done this semester are stay after school when needed and have the students come in. I have also had them come in during lunch or talk to other teachers about different ways I can teach the students that I can see are having problems. There is a few students that many teachers have issues with such as them not wanting to learn or do work. These students I try to get to know  alittle better so they understand I want them to understand and gain knowledge. Most of them have been doing well. I am still trying and I will contiue to do that untill I leave here.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reflection # 3

As a student teacher I feel that it can be hard inclusion and addressing all my students needs because if I do not know all the information at hand. Fortunately, I have tried to talk to all of the people I feel are important to furthering my student’s education. I have many students that have 504’s and IEP’s so as a student teacher I have to figure out a way to connect with them and I have. I have one student who has a processing issue she might know the information but not know how to explain it formally on paper so when she writes I have to look for key words that let me know she really knows the material.  Something else that I do for all of my students is give them the PowerPoint notes with words missing so that when I give them the notes in class they have to fill them in. this targets all the students that like their notes to be read out loud, write, and visualize their notes. This also helps a lot of the students that do struggle with writing by not having them write so much plus a lot of the students like it. In the article I have found it gives fixes to the no child left behind act. This can only be describe as way to further connecting to the students and trying to help them succeed.  For the rest of this semester I will try harder to keep on helping my students to succeed in their classes.
Nichols, J., Dowdy, A., & Nichols, C. (2010). Co-Teaching: An Educational Promise for Children with Disabilities or a Quick Fix to Meet the Mandates of No Child Left Behind?. Education, 130(4), 647-651.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Extra Credit: Give More HUGS

I decided to participate in Give More Hugs, because this because I love to support people who try and give students a better learning experience. I also think it is great that they give teachers better ways to teach their students.  I’ve told many of the teachers here in Germany to look in to this non-profit origination and to go like it on Facebook and follow it on twitter.  I think a way I can help my community is to do organizations such as this one. I also donate my time to younger students who need tutoring for history.  I also take an angel off the angel tree to help kids in foster homes and families that need items around the holidays. I also give money and my time to the Red Cross and Salvation Army.  I could also help by doing boys and girls club and maybe get my sorority to be someone important to a child in need.    I think what I would do for my future students would be offering them extra credit as you are to get them to do something good in their community. The reason why I started doing the angel tree was because one of my classes offered that as extra credit and an assignment for the class. I think I would make sure that my students knew that there are some students in the world that do not have the same opportunities as them. I could do this by having them doing a project of students in other countries and have the students come up with ways we could help those children in need out.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Success Journal of the week #5

Oct 25th

So out of all the things that I did this week with my students I think I had a half good/ half bad. The good points where trying to change my plans to help my students learn to the best of there ability. I do think I need to learn how to keep calm when a lesson is not going well. I also think I maybe should have back up plans for the lessons that might not work out or if we do not have internet connection which has happened before. I am also glad that my students respect me and see me as a teacher and not see me as just the random person that looks close to their age. Which I get a lot since I am at a middle school high school and I look really young.

I am really amazed at how interested in the part of history that I am currently teaching. They all most always asking very interesting questions. yes every now and then I have a student that decides that they want to try and through off the the class by talking about another subject. Yes sometimes that does work but most of the time I get them back to work. The students seem to be learning very well as most of them did very well on there test and they studied which I am glad about that I was a little nervous but their first test went amazing and all the students tried and did very well.    

Success Journal of the week #4


So the next day I had to change my review game so the night before I took to the inter-webs and found a jeopardy game that another history teacher made and that game work a whole lot better and the students understood that game way better and I am really glad about that. The students seem to really like it and my co-op teacher also liked it and he said I should do that for my next text and I will.  

Success Journal of the week #3

Oct. 23rd I had a review for the test I was giving at the end of the week for on of the class periods they where my Ginny pigs so I could see if I would do it with my students. The way tried to do this was deal or no deal with some rules that were a little different then the actual game. It took me a while to plan it out and everything on paper looked amazing and I told some of the teachers about it. They thought it would be great. Well.. Yeah it was a ultimate fail the students did nit understand it I was having a hard time explaining it and it was just horrible. I soon decided that I would not be doing that with my other class. I tried to keep calm and try to give a positive spin on it. Well yeah that didn't work either so I ended up having them work on their study guide and if they needed help to ask me and telling them that since they where such great sports they would get 10 extra points on their test. My co-op teacher said that it was a good attempt and for the next class i should try something different. 

Success Journal of the week #2

The interaction with my students has changed a lot since I first started. My students are very friendly with me and they respect me a lot. When I tell them to be quite or there voices are getting to loud they usually stop talking or lower there voice. The classes  I teach always turn in there homework on time which I'm glad that is the case because I was not sure if that was going to happen at first. Since me and my co-op teacher where having trouble at first for getting them to actually turn things in.